Board Members

The Equality Jackson Board is currently made up of 9 members. Decisions concerning the Jackson Pride Festival, finances, friends, fundraising, and all other Jackson Pride functions and events are made at board meetings. Board members vote on all major decisions.

Please, ATTEND an ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING! They are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, and actively posted on our website calendar. If you wish to be placed on the agenda, please email equalityjacksontn@gmail.com.

To contact the Equality Board, please contact us here.

Board and Volunteer Positions Still Open

We still have positions open that we need to fill. If you know that you would be fantastic at the following items please contact us with a resume:

  • Fundraising Chair: Equality Jackson’s Fundraising Chair’s main role is to train and motivate Team Captains and Team Members to plan and employ effective and efficient team and community fundraising in order to have their Relay reach its assigned goals.
    • Volunteer Position, Part Time Position
  • Sponsorship Chair: Equality Jackson’s Sponsorship Chair will take the lead on soliciting corporate and individual sponsors to raise more funds for the Center and build goodwill in the community. The ideal candidate for this position will be friendly and outgoing and will demonstrate a willingness to “grovel with the best of them.” Sales experience can be helpful, but most importantly, members of this committee must have the unique ability to not give up after four people say ‘no’ because they recognize that the next person they talk to may solve all of their problems!
    • Volunteer Position, Part Time Position
  • Legal Coordinator – Law Degree Preferred: The Legal Coordinator is responsible for making sure Equality Jackson conducts business in a transparent, ethical, and legal way.
    • Volunteer Position, Part Time Position
  • Advertising/Marketing Chair: The Publicity Chair and sub-committee is responsible for planning and implementing a strategy that promotes awareness of and education about Equality Jackson.
    • Volunteer Position, Part Time Position
  • Public Relations/Social Media Chair: The Public Relations/Social Media Chair manages all external communications for Equality Jackson and drafts press releases, periodic reports, and constant social media posts to improve Equality Jackson accessibility and transparency. They should be able to write clearly and understand branding strategy.
    • Volunteer Position, Part Time Position

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